More than 30 Messages in English have been printed

We are glad to announce that more than 30 Messages in English have been printed:

– „Beyond The Curtain Of Time” 05.03.1961, Jeffersonville, IN, USA

– „The Choosing Of A Bride” 29.04.1965, Los Angeles, CA, USA

– „One In A Million” 24.04.1965, Los Angeles, CA, USA

– „The Voice Of The Sign” 13.03.1964, Beaumont, Texas, USA

– „The Token” 28.11.1963, Shreveport, LA, USA

– „Christ Is The Mistery Of God Revealed” 28.07.1963, Jeffersonville, IN, USA

– „Does God Change His Mind?” 27.04.1965, Los Angeles, CA, USA

– „Present Stage Of My Ministry” 08.09.1962, Jeffersonville, IN, USA

– „The Voice Of The Sign” 13.03.1964, Beaumont, TX, USA

– „The Unveiling Of God” 14.06.1964, Jeffersonville, IN, USA

– „A Resume Of The Seven Church Ages”

– „This Day This Scriputere Is Fulfilled” 25.01.1965, Phoenix, AZ, USA

-„The Voice Of God In This Last Days” 20.01.1963, Phoenix, AZ, USA

-„Satan’s Eden” 29.08.1965, Jeffersonville, IN, USA

-„Communion” 12.12.1965, Tucson, AZ, USA

-„The Seed Of Discrepancy” 18.01.1965, Phoenix, AZ, USA

-„One Man In The Hands Of God”

-„Humble Thyself” 14.07.1963, Jeffersonville, IN, USA

-„What Is The Attraction On The Mountain?” 25.07.1965, Jeffersonville, In, USA

-„What Shall We Do With This Jesus Called Christ?” 26.01.1964, Phoenix, AZ, USA

-„The Anointed Ones At The End Time” 25.07.1965, Jeffersonville, In, USA

-„When Their Eyes Were Opened, They Knew Him” 12.02.1964, Tulare, CA, USA

-„Thirst” 19.09.1965, Tucson, AZ, USA

-„The Invisable Union Of The Bride Of Christ” 25.11.1965, Shreveport, LA, USA

-„Influence” 03.08.1963, Chicago, IL, USA

-„Things That Are To Be” 05.12.1965, Rialto CA, USA

-„The Masterpiece” 05.07.1964, Jeffersonville, IN, USA

-„The Invisible Union Of The Bride Of Christ” 25.11.1965, Shreveport LA, USA

-„And Knoweth It Not” 15.08.1965, Jeffersonville IN, USA

-„The Rapture” 04.12.1965 Yuma AZ, USA

-„Why Are People So Tossed About?” 01.01.1956, Jeffersonville IN, USA

-„Possessing All Things” 06.05.1962, Jeffersonville IN, USA

-„The Third Exodus” 30.06.1963, Jeffersonville IN, USA

-„The Seed Shall Not Be Heir With The Shuck” 29.04.1965, Los Angeles CA, USA

-„Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir” 30.12.1962, Jeffersonville IN, USA

-„Spiritual Amnesia” 11.04.1964, Birmingham AL, USA



Altogether, we sent around 60 sacks with 200 Message books in each of them (i.a. to India, Uganda, Turkey, Rwanda, Malawi, Ghana, Zambia, Liberia, United Kingdom and Zimbabwe.) and around 15 palette (each containing around 10 000 books). In the beginning of 2021 around 30 thousand books were sent by ship to Africa. The work is still going on. Please remeber it in your prayers!

Praise God!

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